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Why it’s Best to Take a Guided Tour


When visiting any island in Hawaii, how will you get around? Should you rent your own car or take a guided tour through a reputable tour company like Hoku Hawaii Tours? These are good questions to ask yourself, and a lot depends on how you like to get around, how you want to see the sights and at what pace you want to go. Here we’ll explore why it’s best to take a guided tour of Hawaii, for landmarks like Pearl Harbor and the Road to Hana, over attempting to see everything on your own.

Professional Guidance

Your tour guide knows Hawaii. Period. He or she lives here, conducts tours every single day (probably several times a day in fact) and knows the culture of the area extremely well. Rather than guess about what you’re seeing, fumble with maps or scroll through an informational web page on your phone, rely on a professional to guide you from place to place. He’ll impart valuable information on the local sights and give advice on where to go for great eats and sightseeing, for example. Your chosen tour company can offer you advice on the best packages for attractions like Pearl Harbor, so you can get the most for your money.

Time Savings

If you’re on a tight time schedule and only have, say, one day to devote to the road to Hana, taking a guided tour will keep you moving along. You’ll get only the most important highlights and your guide will ensure you see all you can in the time you have.

Challenging Landmarks Made Easy

When you’re trying to navigate challenging roads, hikes, and the like, it can take a lot of time and stress to figure out where you are and what’s important. In the middle of a rainforest, for example, you can easily miss stops like important waterfalls and side excursions. When driving curvy, dangerous roads, like to the one to Hana, an experienced driver such as a tour guide has done this road several times a day for years and knows how to safely navigate all the curves and one-land bridges. You can enjoy the scenery while the driver takes care of the hard part. For all-day tours that are ending around sunset, you don’t have to worry about coming home in the dark in an unfamiliar area.

No Spending Gas Money

When you hire a tour guide, you don’t have to go through the expense of renting a car and filling the car with gas. If you get lost or wander around aimlessly, you’re wasting even more unnecessary gas and money. Not to mention: many car rental companies won’t allow you to go the full loop around the back of the road to Hana. While we’re on the subject of the rental car, if you take a tour, you won’t have to worry about damaging your car or having any valuables stolen out of it.

There are many reasons to go on a guided tour over driving yourself, not the least of which is the time and hassle savings.