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Why Choose Hawaii?

North Shore Oahu Hawaii

You could go anywhere on your vacation: why should you choose to spend your money and time visiting the 50th state? Aside from the weather, the topography and beauty of the Hawaiian islands are reason enough but there are actually many reasons. Let’s go over some of the best features of Hawaii and why you should come visit them.

The People and Culture

You won’t find a more friendly bunch of people who are as invested in their culture as the Hawaiians. It’s this multi-cultural element to life that makes Hawaii so diverse yet welcoming at the same time. From friendly greetings of “aloha” to welcoming hugs with leis, the Hawaiians are serious about their culture and it shows. But it’s not just the Hawaiians and Polynesians that dominate here: it’s the beautiful blending of diverse cultures, from the Chinese and Japanese to the Filipinos and Caucasians that makes this place so special. From music to education, the aloha spirit is alive and well here.

The Landscapes

Each island boasts its own unique landscape, from lush green rainforest to arid deserts to white sandy beaches. Nowhere else can you island hop to experience miles and miles of coastline, highlighted by ranches, jungles, waterfalls, canyons, craters and mountain peaks all in one geographic place. In fact, Hawaii is home to 11 of the 13 climate zones in the world, each dependent on one-of-a-kind ecosystems and weather characteristics.

Where else can you go horseback riding one day, climb to the summit of Mauna Kea another, experience the majesty of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park still another and round out the week learning how to surf at Waikiki Beach?


Speaking of beaches, Hawaii boasts some of the best in the world. Waikiki, North Beach and countless others are always topping the lists of the best beaches on the planet for anything from surfing to swimming to sunbathing. There’s so much diversity just in the beach sand colors alone – with white, red, black, and even green sand beaches in abundance.


The weather is awesome every day of the year. Need we say more? Even if you visit in winter, the temperature is still mild.

Historical Significance

Hawaii is a top destination for those who want to reconnect with history – most notably with Pearl Harbor in Oahu. Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona marked the spot in history when, in 1941, America was plunged into World War II with the surprise bombing by the Japanese. Don’t miss the cultural significance of the Battleship Missouri Memorial, the USS Bowfin Submarine or the Pacific Aviation Museum, all of which hold a special significance for the people and soldiers of Honolulu and indeed for many around the world.

Oahu is home to the Iolani Palace, the country’s one and only royal palace in fact. The Bishop Museum and State Museum of Natural and Cultural History are also excellent places to learn about the area’s rich history. Head on over to Maui and visit the town of Lahaina, an old whaling port and former state capital. The Big Island has North Kohala which is the birthplace of King Kamehameha I, who later brought all of the islands together.

Hoku Hawaii Tours can handle all of your Pearl Harbor tour needs, so give us a call today to learn the history of the island and its significance. Hopefully these are enough compelling reasons to come see us!

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