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Why Buy Pearl Harbor Tickets in Advance?

Must Visit and Pay Respects

The Pearl Harbor memorial, ships and museums are a popular destination for many who visit the lush paradise of Hawaii. From veterans to families with small children, everyone wants to witness the awe of Pearl Harbor – the tragic victim of raids by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. This is one of the most famous naval bases in the world, playing a crucial role in World War II. Visitors can get a glimpse of this important piece of history when they visit this most solemn and reverent place.

A certain number of tickets are given out to visitors each day to visit the USS Arizona Memorial and related sites. The National Park Service actually gives out about 1,300 walk-in tickets on a daily basis, which you can secure ahead of time online at sites like However, at last check the wait was over one month to get tickets. Until then, all tickets are sold out as of this blog writing. What does that mean? It means you will be sorely disappointed when you get to the gate and find out that all the free tickets are gone once you get to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Even if you get there right when it opens at 7 a.m., you may be disappointed.

How do you get around this predicament? Book a tour through Hoku Hawaii Tours, which secures a certain number of tickets each day thanks to its status as a reputable tour company on Honolulu. Because tour companies like Hoku are granted a separate number of tickets for their customers, you can be guaranteed entry into the Pearl Harbor historic sites any day of the week.

As part of your tour, you can see one, a few or all of these Pearl Harbor attractions:

• USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour
• USS Bowfin Submarine and Park
• Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor
• USS Battleship Missouri Memorial

To experience all the beauty and history behind Pearl Harbor, your best bet is to book a tour before leaving on your trip. There are a few tours to choose from depending on what you want to experience. For example, Hoku offers two luxury tours that are entirely devoted to Pearl Harbor, and one luxury tour that includes Pearl Harbor as a stop on a more comprehensive tour of Waikiki.

Some of the highlights include:

• Battleship Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum
• Battleship Missouri and USS Bowfin Submarine
• Pacific Aviation Museum and USS Bowfin Submarine
• Battleship Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum and USS Bowfin Submarine

This still-active military base acts as Headquarters of the Pacific Fleet. You’ll learn this factoid, along with everything that led up to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the Japanese surrender on the Battleship Missouri, during your tour.

Don’t be the guy that brings his whole family to experience Pearl Harbor only to disappoint everyone when you can’t get in. Be smart and book your Hoku Hawaii Tours today and be the hero!