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Why are Hawaiians so Happy?


Ever wondered why Hawaiians always seem to be smiling? Well, it’s actually backed by fact: they are among the happiest in America. For a fourth year in a row, an annual poll conducted by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index founds that Hawaii is the happiest state in the country, according to Business Insider. This state ranked the highest in terms of physical and emotional health, pointing to a thriving lifestyle enjoyed by many residents.

Aloha Spirit

Aside from its spectacular white sandy beaches, awesome waterfalls, scenic rainforests and majestic volcanoes, there must be something else that contributes to the happiness of Hawaiians. The survey went into more depth as to WHY Hawaiians are happy, but the overall gist of it all is that they find enjoyment in the calm and serenity of everyday living.

Among the factors that the Index takes a look at are:

• Life evaluation
• Emotional health
• Work environment
• Healthy behaviors
• Physical health

Scores have actually been consistent for many years now; Hawaii is first but western and mid-western states also scored quite high. Southern states didn’t fare as well, ranking near the bottom, with West Virginia coming in dead last.

The top 10 list is as follows:

10. Massachusetts
9. Iowa
8. New Hampshire
7. Nebraska
6. Montana
5. Vermont
4. Utah
3. Minnesota
2. Colorado
1. Hawaii

Hawaii scored in the top #1, perfect score, in all three major categories: Life evaluation, emotional health and physical health. Check out the results of the 2015 survey here. One of the reasons why Hawaii residents are so happy is the work environment, which scored top results in the survey. As part of the survey, workplace issues were measured that ranked specific instances such as whether a worker felt secure within a trusting and open work environment, and whether the employees were allowed to display their strengths and talents every day. Conversely, Rhode Island rated dead last when it came to the worst work environment. Hawaii residents also noted that they enjoyed daily life, with the least likelihood of experiencing worry and stress. This boosted their emotional health score, which ranked very high on the assessment.

While Hawaii ranked high on well-being, states like Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas didn’t fare as well. Researchers believe this may have to do with the low income levels found in these states, as consequently the states with the lowest well-being scores also had the lowest median household incomes.

It seems one of the keys to happiness and a healthier lifestyle is engagement in the workplace. Those who know they’re making a difference and who take pleasure in what they do for a living seem to have higher happiness levels than others. Want to witness first hand why Hawaiians are so happy? Come visit us! Don’t forget to book a tour with Hoku Hawaii Tours to check out the historical, cultural and natural sites of Oahu.