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Why a Good Tour Guide is Critical to Your Experience

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Staring at a monument, waterfall, and important landmark may seem beautiful, but do you really know the backstory about what you’re viewing? If only you could have someone right by your side to explain everything in detail, particularly the history and cultural significance of the item in question. Well, you can! That’s where Hoku Hawaii Tours comes in. Our guides have exceptional knowledge of all the landmarks on our tours. They live here, so they know the history that plays into everything from the Byodo-In Temple to the Road to Hana.

Booking a tour means you don’t have to “wing” it. You’re driving in a van, bus or other vehicle so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You get treated to all the little tidbits of the area along the way, and you are encouraged to ask questions of our friendly tour operators. There are many traits of a good tour guide:


Clearly understanding your tour guide, with an easy back-and-forth rapport, is key. Good tour guides have a mastery not only of their native language and local lingo but other languages as well. Look for someone who can speak clearly, audibly and confidently.


A great tour guide is always on time. If you have to wait for your tour operator to arrive at the gathering site for every long, this isn’t a good sign. Being punctual means the whole group can depart and arrive on time throughout the day.


Your tour guide should have a relaxed and friendly demeanor, all while displaying a certain air of authority yet without arrogance. You want someone with whom you can joke and feel at ease with. A funny tour guide always gets the crowd going!


Of course, the hallmark of a good tour guide is their breadth of knowledge about the area or landmark. Your tour guide should know all about the history and significance of a particular site, and be able to answer any and all questions about it. Conveying the cultural background of an area is key, and making that knowledge transfer engaging and exciting is even more important.


Pacing is important, too. You don’t want someone who rushes you through the attraction, only to be done way too early. You also don’t want to lumber along slowly to drag the day out. Having the perfect timing as a tour guide means they know just how to pace the excursion.


Adapting the tour to each subset within the group is another good quality of a tour guide. Making the excursion relevant to all ages and ability levels is important. Flexibility according to each group is also necessary in order to have a successful outing every time.

The guides at Hoku Hawaii Tours encompass all these qualities and more! Take a tour with us today and experience the difference.