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Where are the Best Waterfalls on Maui?


Beautiful waterfalls are a mainstay of Maui, and as such you must see at least one of them while here. So how do you know which ones are the best? We’ve compiled a list of the most popular and breath taking, so you can’t go wrong visiting the below landmarks. Just be careful to do your research before coming here, as many falls have active seasons when they’re at their peak flow. Some falls dry out seasonally and then start back up again a few months later when the rains come.

Makahiku Falls

Descending 180 feet, the best time to view these falls is between December and April. You’ll see these falls on your way to locate Waimoku Falls, which is taller and more of a sight to behold. You’ll need to go south from Hana on Highway 31, past mile-marker 42. Look to the east, and you’ll see signs directing you to the trailhead for Pipiwai Trail. Go about a half mile down and you’ll come across Makahiku Falls first.

Waimoku Falls

Two miles past Makahiku Falls is its taller cousin, Waimoku Falls, gushing 400 feet down a sheer lava rock wall into a pool. This stunning view is one of the best on Maui, so bring your camera and get a few memorable shots. Another great place to take some photos is the bamboo forest, through which you will pass when on your way to the falls. Waimoku Falls is always active and doesn’t dry up.

`Ohe’o Gulch Falls

Located at the Seven Sacred Pools, these falls aren’t as tall – they’re actually only about 20 feet, but the view is spectacular, with year-round flow. Nestled in the Haleakal? National Park, you can access this from Highway 31 south of Hana. You’ll need to cough up a $10 entrance fee, but it is money well spent.

Makamako’ole Falls

Ascending 270 feet high and falling in many tiers, these falls run steadily between December and August. As the biggest waterfall on Makamaka’ole Stream, you’ll spot Makamako’ole Falls along the Waihee Ridge Trail with the best views at the one-mile marker. If you want, you can also take a look at them right from the Kahekili Highway along the northwest coast at mile marker eight.

Upper Waikani Falls

Also known as Three Bears Falls, these falls descend 70 feet and flow at various times of the year depending on how much it rains in a given year. You can see the falls from the roadway, making for a popular pit stop on your journey at mile marker 19 on Hana Highway.

Wailua Falls

Spanning 80 feet, Wailua Falls is a can’t-miss natural attraction on Maui. Not only do they flow all year, you can view them from Hana Highway on mile marker 35. Park here and take a short path to the falls, using caution all the way.

After seeing these Maui waterfalls, come see Oahu’s waterfalls as part of Hoku Hawaii Tours’ Eco Adventure Tour!