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What to Bring on a Waterfall Hike


Going on a waterfall hike on Oahu

Is one of the best and most hands-on ways to explore the natural beauty of the island. Not only are you fitting in some physical fitness while on your trip to Hawaii, you’re also learning something about nature and witnessing first-hand little-touched areas of Hawaii. So now that you’re all signed up for a waterfall hike, what should you bring with you? Here is a handy checklist:

• Backpack
• Water bottles (several small ones or one larger one that can fit in your backpack)
• Energy or protein bars
• Sports drink
• Sunscreen/bug spray
• Swim suit (you’ll need it if you want to jump in the water underneath the falls!)
• Good pair of hiking shoes or sneakers
• Camera
• Small first aid kit containing bandages (you never know when you might get a scrape or a blister)

On an ordinary day hike through the mountains of Oahu, you would need to pack a lunch, but when you take an Oahu Eco-Adventure Tour with Hoku Hawaii Tours, you are treated to lunch at the Proud Peacock restaurant where you can sample the local fare. Heck, you even get a breakfast pastry upon starting out on our excursion.

In addition to the waterfall hike and swim, your professional navigator will show you the highlights of Oahu’s natural beauty, including:

• Waimea Valley
• North Shore Oahu Surf Beaches
• Hawaiian Botanical Garden
• La’ie Point & Pali Lookout
• Byodo-In Temple
• South Shore Oahu
• Halona Blowhole Lookout
• Hanauma Bay Lookout

If you’re tired of the typical tourist attraction and want something a bit outside the box, a waterfall hike as part of an eco-adventure tour is a great idea. Communing with nature is a fun way to experience the lush, serene side of Hawaii. All too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Honolulu, Waikiki and the like. Here, on the hidden side of Oahu, you can learn about local legends and facts about Hawaii as you navigate temples, waterfalls, beaches and ancient grounds.

Eco tours are something a bit different from your typical tourist attraction. As such, they’re a great thing to participate in when you’ve seen all the other touristy things. This type of tourism blends low-impact non-commercial experiences with natural eco systems, with the main goal to educate the traveler on local communities, small farms and markets, natural destinations such as forests and waterfalls, and local sites of significance. This is the environmentalists’ way of experiencing areas of Oahu that are virtually untouched by man on a daily basis. From botanical gardens and ancient temples to breathtaking waterfalls and blowhole lookouts, Oahu has it all.

Sick of malls? Had enough of the sun laying on the beach? Everyone needs a day on their vacation to do something special. That would be a glorious waterfall hike. Come with us on an eco-adventure tour you won’t soon forget. Don’t forget your bathing suit!