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What is a Hawaii Eco Tour?

Waimea Tours

Hawaii’s Natural Beauty

Eco tours put you in touch with nature through hikes to waterfalls, sacred grounds, world famous beaches, and lush valleys, highlighting the most basic appeal of Hawaii: the natural landscape. You’ll spend your tour outdoors, guided by an expert who knows the area inside and out. For example, when you take an Oahu Eco Adventure Tour from Hoku Hawaii Tours, you enjoy a day of hiking through green topical rain forests, swimming in natural waterfalls, and dining at the Proud Peacock restaurant to recharge your batteries.

From coffee farms to botanical gardens, your professional navigator shows you the highlights of Oahu’s natural beauty, including:

• Waimea Valley
• Waterfalls
• North Shore Oahu Surf Beaches
• Hawaiian Botanical Garden
• La’ie Point & Pali Lookout
• Byodo-In Temple
• South Shore Oahu
• Halona Blowhole Lookout
• Hanauma Bay Lookout

Off the Beaten Path

The best part about an eco tour is that you won’t see the typical tourist attractions that everyone else is seeing. Perhaps you’ve been there, done that. Or maybe you just want to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to commune with nature. Whatever your reason, you can enjoy learning about local legends and facts about Hawaii as you navigate waterfalls, beaches and ancient grounds.

Eco tours are a bit of a new thing. They are a type of tourism that blends low-impact non-commercial experiences with fragile and natural eco systems. The main goal of an eco tour is to educate the traveler on local communities, small farm, natural destinations such as forests and waterfalls, and local sites of significance found only in nature. The opposite of an eco tour in Hawaii would be something that draws a lot of tourists, such as Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, museums and crowded beaches. Think of eco tours as the environmentalists’ way to experience a particular region, virtually untouched by man. Instead of malls, there are miles of forest through which you can zipline. Instead of luaus with music and dancing, there are quiet hikes to ancient Hawaiian grounds. Your guide goes right along with you, educating you on the area about anything from native plants to the history of a temple.

Places that have been touched very little by human hands form the basis of the eco tour, perfect for those who want to interact with and observe the awesome power of nature, minus the crowded buses, annoying nasally tour guide on a microphone, and pit stops at every touristy attraction. If you’re a proponent of the environment, prefer a more low-key, realistic experience, or have already done the tourist-type attractions of Hawaii, this is your type of tour.