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Tour Guides Top the List of Most Popular Jobs in Hawaii



Curious to know which job in your state is the most heavily concentrated? We can tell you that Hawaii’s most popular job is that of tour guide. Big surprise, right? Tourism is the largest single source of private capital into Hawaii’s economy, contributing to $1.6 billion in total state tax revenue in 2014 representing an increase if $36 million per year, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority. In fact, tourism is the largest generator of jobs in the major sectors, contributing to 165,000 jobs throughout Hawaii last year alone.

Business Insider’s Occupational Employment Statistics map shows the most over-represented job in each state in the country. This means that jobs represented by each state illustrate a higher per-capita rate there than in the rest of the nation. For Hawaii, it’s a no-brainer: tour guide is the most popular job because it’s so heavily concentrated.

What about your state? Well, if you live in New Jersey, you have a higher propensity for marriage and family therapists, and if you live in West Virginia or Kentucky, you live among a lot of miners. The map, which you can check out here, doesn’t necessarily list the most common job in each state, but instead those with the highest “location quotient.” This is calculated through a comparison of how many people are employed in any given job against the total population of employed people throughout that state.

If the map simply showed what the most common job would be, the answer would be retail sales person overwhelmingly in 42 states.

See how your state ranks. Here are just a few:

• California: Farmworkers
• Washington: Aircraft Assemblers
• Montana: Forestry Technicians
• Arizona: Plasterers
• Maine: Loggers
• New York: Fashion Designers
• Texas: Petroleum Engineers
• Florida: Motorboat Operators
• Louisiana: Sailors
• Iowa: Agricultural Scientists
• Michigan: Model Makers
• Pennsylvania: Survey Researchers
• Minnesota: Food Scientists
• Massachusetts: Biochemists

Here at Hoku Hawaii Tours, we love our jobs. Each day is dedicated to entertaining and educating visitors to Oahu and we take that responsibility seriously. Tourism is our lifeblood and we love what we do. Here are a few more interesting tidbits on tourism in Hawaii:

• Every day sees 200,000 visitors throughout all the islands
• Honolulu is the fourth busiest international port of entry for the country
• In 2014, the tourism industry here totaled $14.7 billion in annual visitor spending, with an average of $40 million spent every day. This is how it breaks down per day on each island:
1. $19.5 million on Oahu
2. $11.2 million on Maui
3. $5.3 million on the Big Island
4. $4 million on Kauai

Getting a hankering for a visit to Hawaii? Come say hello to us tour guides when you get the chance at Hoku Hawaii Tours!