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Top 5 Fishing Spots in Hawaii

If you love to fish, you’ll love Hawaii – it’s that simple. And with some of the prettiest indigenous fish this side of the equator, you can’t go wrong no matter where you choose to drop a line. Of course, there are some spots that are better and more favored than others. Here we’ll explore the top five fishing spots in Hawaii to help you plan your excursion.

1. Keahou Harbor:

Ideal for families, Keahou Harbor on the Big Island is the place to go for calm, mellow beach fishing. With two sides to the bay, you have your choice of relaxing on the pier while trying to catch larger fish or sitting on the rock wall to lure in smaller fish. This will all depend on your kids’ ages and your preferences of what to do any given day. Either one offers a great spot for fishing. Best time to go is when the boats are out to sea, as the bay is much calmer then, attracting more fish.

2. Anaeho’omalu Bay:

Also known as A-Bay, you’ll find this beach near Waikoloa on the Big Island. With a long beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, you’ll want to stick to the left side which is less crowded. Go fishing here for anything from barracuda and mahi mahi to triggerfish and more. It can get windy here sometimes, which makes casting a bit more difficult, so check conditions before going.

3. Waialua Bay and Pokai Bay:

Located on Oahu, these two bay spots for fishing are regulated and require a permit when it comes to net fishing for crabs and shrimp. By fishing in the bays of Oahu you gain access to the smaller fish like goatfish and papio, great for those who have never fished before. These bays are calm and don’t carry with them the high waves of deep sea fishing offshore.

4. Kamaole Park:

Located in Maui, Kamaole has some of the best spots for fishing on the island. Comprised of three long beaches highlighted by rocky outcroppings, you have your choice of fishing at Kamaole Beaches I, II or III. The ends of Kamaole Beaches I and III feature lawns distinct from the sea by rocky shoreline. If you’re looking for privacy and quiet, Kamaole I is your best bet. If you want more of a local presence with more people, you might like the liveliness of Kamaole III.

5. Kokee State Park:

If you love to fish for freshwater rainbow trout, check out the streams of Kokee State Park on Kauai in late summer. Hawaii’s Garden Isle offers exceptional fishing for anything from bass and channel catfish to bluegill and o’ipu.

Hawaii is world renowned for its exceptional fishing so you really can’t go wrong with any spot you choose. Contact Hoku Hawaii Tours to set up your next fishing excursion.