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Top 5 Beaches in Hawaii

Given a choice of all the places they could visit in the world, a majority of people would probably say Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands are always at the top of travelers’ lists because of many reasons: beaches, waves, volcanoes, rainforest, and wildlife. Those who can’t resist the white sandy shoreline of Hawaii come here to relax and enjoy the sun on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Here are the top five beaches in Hawaii.

1. Kailua Beach Park in Oahu:

With miles of white-sand beach, those who love water and land sports will love it here. There’s lots of wind due to the trade winds, ideal for wind-surfing and parasailing, with glorious birds’-eye views of the island. This is also the perfect area for kayaking and swimming, and you might even see a wedding or two going on while you’re there. It does tend to get crowded on weekends in the high season, so plan your visit accordingly.

2. Makena Beach in Maui:

Arguably the best beach on Maui, Makena has pure white sand and azure blue water, with impressive views of the Molokini and Kahoolawe islands. Great for bodysurfing and snorkeling, all members of the family will enjoy this destination. However, if you have no little ones present, you can hit “Little Beach” west of Makena for a clothing-optional beach.

3. Spencer Beach Park on Hawaii:

Overshadowed by the majestic temple built by Kamehameha, this white-sand beach isn’t as windy as the many of the others. The waves are also not as strong, so this area is perfect for kids. Ideal for swimmers, snorkelers and divers, head here for a relaxing, enjoyable, calm day filled with picnics, plenty of shade available and clean facilities. You get access to showers, basketball and volleyball courts, pavilion, a camping area, plenty of parking and lifeguards. Relax under a tree while your kids splash in the water. Just be careful for sea urchins in the rocky areas!

4. Hanalei Bay Beach on Kauai:

Inspiration for the filming of “South Pacific,” this famous beach offers camping, picnic areas and restrooms at three distinct spots: Hanalei Beach Park, Hanalei Pavilion and Waioli Beach Park. If you’re an experienced surfer, this is the place for you. The waves are very strong, so let the professionals do their thing. There are lifeguards here in case you want extra peace of mind with children.

5. Hulopoe Beach on Lanai:

While you won’t find many accessible beaches here on Lanai, this is one of the more beautiful ones in the islands. If you love snorkeling and swimming around lava pools and rocks, this beach is ideal for you. It’s protected under the Marine Life Conservation District so you can imagine its beauty and significance.
Even though these beaches top the list, rest easy knowing just about any beach you go to on Hawaii will be stunning! Check out Hoku Hawaii Tours for the best places to visit.