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Top 5 Adventure Sports in Hawaii

Hawaii and adventure sports go hand in hand. There are plenty of spots where you can try your hand at anything from sky diving to kayaking on any island you choose. The key to getting a safe excursion is going with a reputable tour operator with many years experience in connecting customers with the best adventure for them. Here are the top five adventure sports on Hawaii, depending on your style, interests, and ability level.

1. Sky diving:

No matter which island you choose to take off from, you’re sure to get a thrill from jumping out of a plane and then free falling a bit before pulling the cord. You can take training courses and tackle your very first sky dive while here. Most tour operators offer both tandem skydiving and accelerated free falls. Just be sure to research the expertise of your pilot to ensure many years of a safe flying record. Same with your instructor!

2. Cliff diving, Big Island or Oahu:

On Ka Lae, or South Point, on the Big Island, or Waimea Bay on Oahu, you can experience the death-defying leap of a lifetime when you dive from craggy cliffs hundreds of feet in the air. Summer is the most popular time for free jumping.

3. Cave diving, Oahu:

Underwater cave explorers will love this adventure sport because it involves exploring a myriad of caves beneath the surface of the waves. Cave diving is particularly popular in Oahu because there are so many underwater caverns, sea caves and shipwrecks. Spitting Caves on the East side or Makaha Caverns on the West side are your best bets.

4. Swimming with sharks, Oahu and Maui:

See the awesome presence of a shark up close when you swim with nature’s most fearsome predators. Head to Oahu or Maui for these adventures, where shark tours are common and the instructors are top-notch. Check out a hammerhead shark in all its glory! There’s lots of other marine life you can check out as well.

5. Paragliding and kayaking, Oahu:

Why not take an instructional paragliding tandem flight next time you’re here? You can experience the beauty of Hawaii’s coast while in the safety of a harness attached to a parachute. You can take a course, get certified, and take off on your own or in tandem, your choice. Feel the wind in your face as you navigate the coastline to see the far-off volcanoes, mountains, and beaches below. Pair your paragliding adventure with a kayak excursion to explore the ocean’s surface. Getting in touch with nature has never been so easy!

Trust Hoku Hawaii Tours to point you in the right direction for a fun tour or adventure sport. There’s always something adventurous to do in Hawaii!