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Top Hidden Spots on Maui


There are many well-known things to do on Maui, but if you’re a seasoned veteran of this Hawaiian island or just like to take the path less traveled, consider these hidden gems on Maui. These are some of the best little known secrets that the island has to offer young and old alike.

Bamboo Forest

Nestled on the mountain side of Maui on the way to Hana, the Bamboo Forest gives you an idea of what Old Hawaii was like. With so much developing throughout much of the island, this is a nice throwback to the natural beauty of the island. You’ll witness lush jungle forests, swimming holes to cool off, and majestic waterfalls to capture with your camera. Don’t forget your hiking shoes for this excursion!

Makawao Forest

Also known as the Kahakapao Trail, this surreal forest will instantly put you at ease. Take a relaxing stroll through the woods or even take a bike ride for a one-of-a-kind experience. It starts at the top of Piiholo Road and takes you more than five miles in a loop so you end up where you started. Pack a picnic lunch and eat amidst the gorgeous scenery, some of which features wild Koa, young Redwoods, Cook Pines, Eucalyptus, raspberry bushes, and ginger plants. Bring a sweatshirt, because this elevation brings with it cooler temps than the ground level.

ONO Organic Farms

Certified by the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association (HOFA), Ono Farms is a family owned area that offers rare tropical fruits and vegetables, chocolate, and Hawaiian coffee. You’ll find it off the Hana Highway in Kipahulu, so go for a fruit tasting tour Mondays through Friday at 1:30 p.m. Embark on a taste adventure for a unique afternoon sampling that is simply “ono” which means “delicious” in Hawaiian. At the same time, you’ll learn all about organic farming.

Paako Cove

Affectionately called Secret Beach in Makena, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more serene beach than this one. Not many people know about it, but it’s breath taking all the same. You won’t find all the crowds here so if it’s peace you’re after, you’ll get it. It’s actually the most commonly photographed beach in Hawaii! The waters are calm, with excellent snorkeling opportunities because of the beautiful reef formations and colorful tropical fish. This cove is also the perfect place to body surf and skim board.

Sacred Garden of Maliko

This secret hideaway, operated by the Divine Nature Alliance, provides visitors with the ultimate in relaxation featuring all of Hawaii’s best flora and fauna. Visit the bi-level renovated greenhouse brimming with plant and tropical flower species. The beauty here is in the details, from spiritual icons and positive messages to a hand-carved Buddha statue in the Buddha Garden, which incidentally is a place of reflection, quiet time and meditation. Don’t miss the classical indoor 7-circuit Coral Labyrinth, or the outdoor 11-circuit Medieval-style Labyrinth. In the gift shop, you will find local art work, jewelry, books, and healing stones for sale.

Oahu is also filled with little-known hidden gems. Call Hoku Hawaii Tours to help you explore this island as well.

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