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Take a Tour of Pearl Harbor

A Must

No visit to Hawaii would be complete without a tour of Pearl Harbor, a National Historic Landmark. There are four Pearl Harbor Historic Sites and to take it all in, you’ll need to spend the entire day and take a tour. This is the best way to experience this piece of American history dating back to that fateful D-Day of Dec. 7, 1941. This most famous of naval bases played a crucial role in World War II and beyond. There is lots to see and do at Pearl Harbor, from tours and museums to dining options and family-friendly activities.


You have the option of buying tickets to one or all of the Pearl Harbor attractions, which include:
• USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour
• USS Bowfin Submarine and Park
• Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor
• USS Battleship Missouri Memorial

There are both adult’s tickets and children’s tickets, and they range in price for each attraction.


The best way to experience all the beauty and knowledge behind Pearl Harbor, you’re best off taking tours, of which there are several that cover each attraction. By combining various tours, you can save some money over the piecemeal approach and ensure you see all the major highlights. Here are some of the package tours available:

• Battleship Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum
• Battleship Missouri and USS Bowfin Submarine
• Pacific Aviation Museum and USS Bowfin Submarine
• Battleship Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum and USS Bowfin Submarine

Kids’ rates are reduced for children ages 4 to 12. You can also take a half-day Pearl Harbor tour, for which you should allot between four and five hours to complete in order to see everything.

Here are some half-day tours to choose from:

• USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour/USS Bowfin Submarine Tour
• USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour/Pacific Aviation Museum
• USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Tour/Battleship Missouri Tour

Any one of these tours will give you insight into the beauty and history of this most revered place. Today, Pearl Harbor is still an active military base and acts as Headquarters of the Pacific Fleet. You’ll learn the history behind the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, along with the Japanese surrender on the Battleship Missouri , and everything in between. Taking a tour of Pearl Harbor will tell you a story about this momentous occasion in American history and what exactly happened that fateful day.

Situated on Oahu, Pearl Harbor is an exciting place to see, but also a peaceful and somber one for those who want to reflect on what happened on D-Day, impacting an entire generation forever, and generations after that as well. Get a “lifetime of history in a day” by taking one of our guided tours.