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Can I Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii?


You sure can! If you’re traveling to Hawaii and have always wanted to swim with the dolphins, now’s your chance. There is a marine park on Oahu where you can experience the swim of a lifetime with captive dolphins, or you can opt for a snorkel-swim cruise to swim with dolphins in the wild. Just remember: dolphins are protected by the federal government so you must be gentle with these creatures and approach them with caution.

While you can opt for a tour that will take you out on a boat to first watch dolphins in their natural habitat and then give you a chance to snorkel with them, beginners may want to start out with a marine park first in a more controlled environment.

Sea Life Park

Located in East Oahu, allows you to get up close and personal with dolphins, sea lions, rays, sharks, and native fish. You’ll be exposed to various educational and interactive programs, giving you a full day of entertainment and learning in a hands-on environment. You can’t get that from any old amusement park! Instead, enjoy unique animal encounters to see how dolphins live in everyday life.

There are three interactive dolphin programs you can partake in here. First is the Dolphin Royal Swim where you can experience an exhilarating dorsal fin ride on one of two friendly dolphins. You get a thrilling push from the bottom of your feet as you propel across the water, for a once in a lifetime experience you won’t soon forget.

With the Dolphin SwimAdventure, you will learn all about daily dolphin life and even get a kiss and belly ride with your very own memorable photo. Finally, in the Dolphin Encounter, you can observe, from a waist-deep platform, dolphins playing, kissing and dancing with guests.

Fast Facts About Dolphins

• Dolphins don’t have a great sense of smell.
• They give birth tail first rather than head first – the only mammal to do so.
• Young dolphins stay with Mom for the first two to three years of their lives.
• They can dive up to 1,000 feet.
• Each dolphin’s dorsal fin is unique, just like a fingerprint.
• They can swim up to 25 miles per hour.
• A pod is a group of dolphins.
• Some dolphins need to get air every 20 seconds, while others can make it up to a half hour without it.
• Their life span is about 17 years but some have been observed living up to 50.
• They can see very well in water.
• Dolphins have 100 teeth.
• They can eat up to 30 pounds of fish every day.
• They can leap up to 20 feet in the air.
• The killer whale is a member of the dolphin family, and obviously the biggest, reaching up to 30 feet long.

Indulge in your craving to swim with the dolphins the next time you’re in Oahu. And while you’re here, why not take in a tour with Hoku Hawaii Tours to experience the rest of the island?