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Saving Money on Your Trip to Hawaii

hawaii on a budget

Everyone wants to save money. And if you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii, you probably want to save where you can. It’s not exactly cheap to vacation here, especially if you come for two weeks or more. But there are measures you can take to save some cash on basic things like lodging, food and entertainment if you plan carefully ahead of time.

Rental Car: Yes or No?

Think about it: do you really need a rental car while in Hawaii? Sometimes the answer is yes, particularly if you’re staying in a remote place away from all the hustle and bustle, or if you plan to visit lots of landmarks at your own pace. Other times, if you stay in populated places like Waikiki Beach where food, lodging, public transportation and entertainment is a stone’s throw away, you likely don’t need a rental car. Booking your tours and excursions through Hoku Hawaii Tours also means you may not need a separate rental car because you can rely on the assistance of your personal tour guides to drive you where you need to go. The public transportation service throughout Hawaii is one of the best you’ll find in terms of efficiency. So, go ahead and take the bus! You’ll save a ton of money without the need to pay for a rental car, which can cost you several hundred dollars. If you do end up getting a rental, bring your own GPS to avoid paying up to $10 extra per day from the rental company.

Buy Your Basics at Discount Stores

Yes Hawaii has Wal-Marts just like every other state in the country. Head to these types of stores to stock up on toiletries like sunscreen, toothpaste, clothing, snacks, bottled water, and more. You’ll pay more if you buy your convenience items at ABC Stores, which is like a 711 in the lower 48.

Go with a Host Family

Similar to families who host exchange students, AirBNB operates on the same concept yet with travel in mind. Use AirBNB to book cheap lodging and connect with hosts who are looking to rent out extra rooms, entire homes, and unique accommodations. You can feel at home no matter where you stay, with more of a comforting feel than a sterile hotel. If you still prefer to book a hotel, ask for upgrades, especially if you’re staying in the tourist areas of Waikiki. It can’t hurt to ask for an upgrade, whether it’s from a garden view to an ocean view or a bigger room with a king size bed and fridge. Always ask. Most times, the hotel managers will be able to accommodate your requests.

When you’re looking to save money on your Hawaiian vacation, there are easy ways to go about it. The key is in the planning, so do your research carefully before you book anything.