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Save Money on Food While in Hawaii


We know visiting Hawaii can be expensive, especially when you add in the airfare, hotel, rental car and dining out. But when it comes to food, there are plenty of ways to keep more money in your pocketbook while at the grocery store. Check out these money-saving tips for eating while here.

1. Skip the bottled water. While you may spend a small fortune on bottled water where you’re from, you don’t have to do that here. In fact, tap water in Hawaii is just as good as anything you can buy here. To keep costs down, bring a water bottle that you can fill up every day to take along on your tours and beach excursions.

2. Get a loyalty card from the grocery stores. Visitors generally get free cards to places like Safeway and Foodland Maika`I, so grab one and use it to save on your grocery purchases while here. The savings can really add up, particularly if you are completely stocking your suite with food for the next two weeks.

3. Go online to scan the deals. Just like you would at home, hop online and browse the Internet for weekly deals. Look up the sites of the above stores as well as KTA and Kauai Cost-u-less. You’ll also find great deals on bulk food in Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club. Go with a list, as you can easily overspend here, and the store owners can spot tourists coming a mile away. Don’t pick up small items or toiletries here if you’re just staying at a hotel, or your purchases will go to waste.

4. Get fresh fruits and veggies from roadside stands. Head to the local farmer’s markets for the best deals around and access to the freshest produce available.

5. Hit the clearance racks. This is where you’ll get a steal on items that have been marked down for one reason or another, from clothing to canned goods. Even produce gets marked down here. Imports from the mainland often result in damages to products of all kinds, so clearance in Hawaii is more prevalent than in other places. Check the end of the aisles for bargains.

6. Be prepared to compromise. If you’re not finding what you’re used to from back home, you’ll have to go with the next best thing. Do your research, and always comparison shop. If you’re looking for leeks and see they are five bucks a pound, well, you may decide that ordinary onions will do just nicely for a fraction of the price.

7. Avoid shopping on an empty stomach. Same as any other trip to the grocery store: eat before you go. You may end up buying even more than you normally would, not only because you’re starving but because you’re on vacation!

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