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Dangerously Untamed Trail Ridge vs. Safe Eco Adventure Tour

Dangerously Untamed Trail Ridge

There’s a tour that’s somewhat of a legend on Oahu in Hawaii – and not for the reasons you’d think. From the sounds of it, you would assume that a 30-minute hike over mountainous yet lush terrain would sound easy-peasy. Then you learn it’s a death-defying (seriously, people have died doing this) hike referred to as Pali Puka. Considered one of the most dangerous in all of Hawaii, and maybe even the world, you start your journey at the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout where you can pick up the trailhead from the parking lot. This short jaunt from your car/bus to the trailhead is just about the most tame you’ll see in the next several minutes of your life.

Once you hit the open ridge area, you’re in for a wild ride. A head-mounted camera is advised if you’re going to attempt this (not-so-legal) hike because you won’t feel very sturdy taking a selfie at the top of this monster. The “trail” is quite simple to follow, but is hard to navigate because it is so narrow and full of vegetation. This is not a trail for the faint of heart. Take your time and you’ll eventually get to the trail to descend to the Pali Puka, which is basically a natural hole in the mountain. Be careful here because the winds can be pretty extreme. You wouldn’t want your vacation cut short by an unfortunate fall. If you made it this far, congratulations: revel in the majestic views of the Windward side of the island. All set? Good. Time to repeat everything you just did, except in reverse. While the trail technically takes 30 minutes, this isn’t a race. Leave yourself 45 minutes to one hour to complete it. Disclaimer: this part of the trail is officially closed to the public due to its inherent danger and the fact that lives have been lost attempting this. So if you do it, it’s at your own risk.

Safe Eco Adventure Tour

If this type of hike isn’t in your wheelhouse, consider something a bit less challenging yet every bit as immersed in nature. Hoku Hawaii Tours doesn’t offer the Pali Puka tour, but we do offer an Oahu Eco Adventure Tour, where you can enjoy a day of hiking through green topical rain forests, swimming in natural waterfalls, and dining at the Proud Peacock restaurant. Here are just a few highlights of this all-natural tour perfect for the outdoor enthusiast:

• Waimea Valley
• Waterfalls
• North Shore Oahu Surf Beaches
• Hawaiian Botanical Garden
• La’ie Point & Pali Lookout
• Byodo-In Temple
• South Shore Oahu
• Halona Blowhole Lookout
• Hanauma Bay Lookout

Here, you won’t see the typical tourist attractions that everyone else is seeing. Instead, enjoy learning about local legends and facts about Hawaii as you navigate waterfalls, beaches and ancient grounds. Our eco-tours are the environmentalists’ way to experience Hawaii without all the trappings of the typical tourist destination. Your guide goes right along with you, educating you on the area about anything from native plants to the history of local temples.

If this eco tour sounds more your speed over the Pali Puka trail, give us a call at Hoku Hawaii Tours or book your excursion online!

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