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Retiring in Hawaii

According to, a recent Harris Poll revealed that if Baby Boomers had a choice to live anywhere they wanted other than their home state, they would choose Hawaii. Who wouldn’t? The Aloha State is full of sunshine, crystal blue water, miles of beaches, temperate weather and lush tropical landscapes. Here are some of the top reasons why older Americans want to retire in Hawaii.


First on the list is the weather in Hawaii. Most spots in Hawaii boast a tropical climate, with warm temperatures year round. The higher elevations bring more cool air, and Hilo sees a lot of rain throughout the year, but for the most part the climate is fair and temperate. The coolest months include December to February, where average daytime temps hover around 78F. The hottest months include July through September, with temps near 90. The reason why Hawaii is so consistent and warm weather-wise is because it’s so close to the equator.


Hawaii, made up of several islands, offers retirees a great deal of choice when considering where they want to settle. Each island is vastly different, and even areas on the same islands pose different benefits to different people. Kauai and Maui are quieter than Oahu, which is more developed (think Honolulu!). Each island has its own set of retirement communities where the over-55 set can live amongst others of the same age group and interests. For example, you’ll find affordable beach front living in Makaha in Oahu, with condos and town houses starting in the $60,000s. Also in Oahu is Kapolei, which is a relatively new senior residence community as part of a master planned second city complete with golf course, shops, restaurants and movie theater.

Relaxing Vibe

Relaxation is what retirement is all about, after all! You’ll find much more of a relaxed vibe in Hawaii than any other state in the nation. The Big Island in particular has been ranked #1 as the least stressed and happiest state, according to Hawaii Life. Speaking of the Big Island, this features 11 of the 13 climate zones on the planet, so you can get a diverse range of experiences just by driving five hours across the island. Want cold temps? Head to the summit of Mauna Kea mountain. If remote activity is what you’re after, you have your pick of beautiful hiking trails, waterfall swims, lava tubes and secluded beaches.

Lots to Do

Whether you prefer to stay busy with a side job or relax in the sun all the live-long day, you can do whatever you want. Because the weather is always nice, you have your choice of lots of outdoor activities, from water sports and kayaking to boating and snorkeling. There’s lots of history here too, with diverse indoor and outdoor attractions to take in, from Pearl Harbor to countless museums and aquariums.

Retiring in Hawaii, like retiring in any state, takes a lot of research and thought. Hoku Hawaii Tours can help you explore Oahu through many fun excursions and tours that will show you the other side of Hawaii.