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Remember the Sacrifice

2019 Shinnyo Floating Lantern Festival

This Memorial Day weekend, I chose to remember those who have served and sacrificed by attending the 20th annual Shinnyo Lantern Floating Festival. Last night, thirty to forty thousand Hawai’i residents and visitors turned out to launch some seven thousand floating lanterns in memory of loved ones they have lost, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.

Parking at Ala Moana Center, my friend and I headed across to the park and managed to wend our way to a spot on the water’s edge near the stage. From there, surrounded by a sea of humanity on one side and a vast ocean on the other, we were able to take in the music, performances, dedications, and the launching of the lanterns. The whole affair was solemn yet joyful, the atmosphere sorrowful yet filled with the light of memories of those who had passed.

The evening was made even more special because we met someone who had flown in alone from the mainland specifically to be here to launch a lantern for his loved ones; it was a blessing to be able to be with and support him during those moments.

In this case, I’ll let the photos do the talking because they say everything much better than I ever could.





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