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Planning a Family Reunion in Hawaii

You may have thought it couldn’t be done: a reunion for all your family? In Hawaii no less? Well, it is certainly possible, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. You don’t have to resign yourself to spending a fortune on this reunion, whether you’re talking a small family or a large one. Everyone has to be on board, though – you just have to spearhead the whole thing. Here’s how:

Keep the Cost Low

To avoid paying high venue and event site costs, host your reunion on site at a hotel that specializes in such functions. You’ll pay much less if you package it this way than if you were to do separate lodging and a restaurant/function hall. Don’t forget to ask for group rates. Plus, this option offers a convenience that allows everyone to stay in one place without transportation hassles. No one has to rent a car unless they want to in order to tour the rest of the island on their own time. OR you can take a Circle Island Tour and get a group discount.

Work with an Event Planner

To keep everything running smoothly, consider hiring an event planner for your family reunion. This professional can handle all the details, from venue coordination and catering to lodging and entertainment. For one fee, this professional will coordinate all musicians, DJs, dinners, events, tours, luaus and more. Say you want to have your family reunion’s main event be a full-service luau. Your party coordinator can make sure everything comes together seamlessly, such as equipment rentals like tables and chairs.

Provide Your Own Alcohol

Sometimes catered family reunion venues allow you to bring your own alcohol, which means you save a ton of money on wine, spirits and beer due to the absence of a big markup. You’ll find many big supermarkets and big box stores on the Big Island and Maui, in particular, offer great bulk deals. Don’t forget to pick up plenty of ice, coolers, and bar/bar accessories. Local law stipulates that a licensed bartender must serve the alcohol, however.

Group Airfare

The typical ticket to Hawaii is pretty pricey; however, when traveling with a large group, ask for group flight plan rates. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices with the airlines. If you don’t ask, you won’t get what you want!

Keep Everyone Informed

To keep all guests informed of when the main event is, along with information on lodging, dining and more, create a Facebook page or Whatsapp group and keep it updated. You should start planning at least a year in advance to ensure everyone in the family can attend. Posting daily or weekly updates is helpful to keep everyone in the loop.

Be Budget Conscious

Not everyone has the same budget you do. Keep low costs in mind when planning anything to do with the reunion. Ask for group discounts no matter what it involves: rental cars, tours, etc. Chances are, you can at least get some amount of money off the total price for traveling in such a large group! Happy Travels!