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Plan a Hawaiian Trip on a Budget

hawaii on a budget

You probably always assumed that a Hawaiian vacation was out of your reach. This is especially true if you have to fly a long way to get there or you have a large family. But the good news, Hawaii is possible for the budget conscious traveler. Just like any other destination, you have to have patience and diligence, with the willingness to do lots of research. Here are some tips on how to plan your vacation on a budget.

Use Public Transportation

Rental cars can easily top $400 for each week you’re there, and that’s on the low end. Save yourself that costly expense by using public transportation instead. For example, Oahu’s city bus system reaches out to the whole island but mainly centers on Waikiki which is great if this is where your hotel is. If you’re staying on Kona, try the free Hele-On bus system. If you plan your side trips well, you can avoid the most crowded times.

Inquire About Upgrades

Your hotel will likely grant you an upgrade if you simply ask. Even if it’s the same size room but one with a better view, it’s worth it to inquire. If you get really lucky, you can get a bigger room or family suite for the price of a standard hotel room. Perhaps you could get free breakfast included in your stay. Either way, it can’t hurt to ask.

Clip Coupons

Yes, there are coupons in Hawaii, and they can actually save you lots of money. Grab those brochures in your hotel lobby and look through them. You may see an offer for a free kids’ meal at a particular restaurant, or maybe you can get money off your car rental or souvenirs at a local shop.

Hit the Beach

Beaches are free! So spend a lot of your time lounging on the beaches. You can even beach-hop to sample all the most gorgeous sandy shorelines, with colors ranging from black to pure white. You can go swimming, or try your hand at snorkeling to check out the amazing marine life. Plan ahead and bring your own snorkel gear so you don’t have to spend money on renting it. FYI, daily rentals range from $15 to $20, which can really add up with a big family.

Free Entertainment

Not everything costs money in Hawaii. You can certainly find free entertainment if you’re observant. Your hotel should be able to inform you of free shows and events, such as cultural performances and luaus. Check out as many museums as you can for a free way to learn about Hawaii’s culture and history. Climb Diamond Head crater, take the Road to Hana or just sit on a beach with a drink in your hand!
Book Affordable Tours

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on tours and excursions. Some things you can explore yourself for free, while other things like Eco Adventure Tours and full Pearl Harbor day tours can be booked extremely affordably through places like Hoku Hawaii Tours.