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How to Make the Most out of your Hawaiian Vacation


So your vacation to Hawaii is booked. Now you can relax, right? Wrong! Just because you made your hotel and plane reservations doesn’t mean you’re ready to go. There is so much more that goes into planning the details of a Hawaiian vacation. Approach your planning like a job — a fun job with an awesome reward – and you’ll make the most out of your vacation.

Hawaii Activities

You may have paid for your hotel, plane and rental car in advance, but what are you going to do once you get there for entertainment? Some things you can just wing, like hitting the beach or a national park, but others things (like Pearl Harbor) must be booked in advance if you want any chance of getting in. That’s because attractions that draw big crowds like Pearl Harbor only have a limited amount of tickets available per day. Booking a Pearl Harbor tour in advance, for example, ensures you have a spot for everyone in your family. Avoid disappointment by booking the major things before you leave home.

Hawaii Food

It’s easy to blow most of your budget on food in Hawaii. But if you plan it out right and are smart about your food choices, you can have some extra money left over for more fun things. Book a hotel that offers free hot or Continental breakfast, fill up in the morning, pack some snacks and waters for lunch, and then go out to eat big at night. Avoid the need to eat out at every meal by opting for a vacation home or condo instead of a hotel. Hit the grocery store and stock up on all the essentials for meals you can easily prepare in the kitchen. Now you have the power to pick and choose which meals and restaurants you want to spend your hard-earned money on.

Your First Day in Hawaii

Don’t plan anything big for the day you arrive on Hawaii. You may be eager to jump into things, but the jet lag has other ideas. This is especially true if you’re coming from the East Coast of the U.S. Give yourself some down time to check out the pool, perhaps the beach, and take a cat nap. You’ll wake up refreshed the next day ready to tackle your first big outing.

Planning Out Your Trip to Hawaii

If you’re only in Hawaii a few days, you’ll want to fit in as much as you can. However, if you’re here for a week or two, consider a schedule of one-day-on-one-day-off. If you take a full-day Pearl Harbor tour one day, hit the beach the next. Perhaps go to a luau and stay out late at the clubs in Waikiki one night, then sleep in the next and make it an early night.

Get in Some Hawaiian Culture

The beach is great, but fit in some time for learning about Hawaiian culture. One great place to immerse yourself in Polynesian history is the Polynesian Cultural Center, where you can see shows and presentations, experience island village life, and participate in activities and games that test your courage and strength.

For more culture, join Hoku Hawaii Tours on a Circle Island Tour to learn more about Oahu and make the most of your vacation here.