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Getting Married in Hawaii: 5 Tips


The Hawaiian Islands set the perfect backdrop for nuptials, no matter which one you choose to tie the knot on. You get the ideal combination of exotic landscapes, five-star resorts, world class dining, and secret hideaways you really can’t find anywhere else. From spectacular coastal beauty to romantic sunsets, you can’t go wrong in a picture perfect locale for your wedding. Check out these tips for getting married in Hawaii.

1. Go with what you know. If you have a favorite hotel chain or resort that you always stay at while on vacation – even in other spots around the country – ask about any loyalty programs to get some discounts on your wedding. Or example, many of the major properties such as Hyatt, Hilton, Westin, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons offer loyalty rewards to their frequent customers. This may translate to a honeymoon suite upgrade, low group rates for your guests, or complimentary wine and chocolate on your wedding night.

2. Choose an island. Do exhaustive research on which island is ideal for you as a couple. Take into consideration your style: are you the adventurous type or do you prefer to lounge on a beach all day? Are you into eco-friendly tours (perfect for exploring the stunning landscapes of Kauai) or do you enjoy nightlife (Waikiki Beach has a great club scene)? Do you like to take educational tours and learn something about history, such as with a Pearl Harbor Tour?

3. Hire a wedding planner. If you don’t already live in Hawaii, it will be extremely difficult to plan a wedding when an ocean separates you. You can’t just pop down to a couple local venues or go for a cake taste test whenever you want. This is why you should hire a wedding planner. Many of the big hotels offer them as a complementary part of your stay if you book a wedding with them. You’ll need someone on your side to vet local venues, use their clout to get you deals, and coordinate all details of your wedding. You’ll get detailed info on packages available at your hotel, including meal choices, entertainment, photographs, flowers and all other aspects of your reception. Many hotels also handle the ceremony as well, so having a wedding planner who can coordinate these two elements seamlessly is key.

4. Think about your guests. Not everyone will be as thrilled about your destination wedding as you will be. You have to face that not everyone you invite – in fact, a large percentage of people – won’t be able to make the trip. Hawaii is expensive, plus your guests would have to take time off work and family commitments to attend the wedding.

5. Choose a date a year in advance if possible to give everyone time to plan. Create a wedding website that provides them with up-to-date information about the upcoming nuptials and what they need to know as a guest. Book group rates at the resort and on flights to get the best deals. Invite them to stay a few days to enjoy part of your honeymoon with you. You can’t expect people to fly across the country for one day and night! If your hotel is quite pricey, give your guests more affordable lodging options nearby.

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