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Family Reunions in Hawaii


Surely, it’s impossible: a family reunion in Hawaii? It can’t be done you might say. It’s too expensive, or too hectic or too stressful. To that we say, pish posh! There is quite simply no better place to hold a family reunion than Hawaii. And you can do it affordably! So how do you start? Where should you hold it? We’ll answer both questions in today’s blog.

Bundle it Up

Host a reunion on site at a hotel that offers parties, weddings and reunions as a package deal. This will help you avoid paying high venue and event site costs. Doing it all piecemail, from separate lodging and a restaurant/function hall, will end up costing you more. Also, inquire about group rates: most hotels will be happy to cut a little off the top if you’re bringing them group business. On the plus side for you: having everyone stay in one location, minus transportation hassles, will make everything much simpler. No car rentals are needed, either, as you can rely on well-planned excursions from Hoku Hawaii Tours to show you the island of Oahu.

An Event Planner is Your Friend

If you want your reunion to go smoothly, rely on a party planner to coordinate everything from décor to food. Especially if you’re planning all this remotely, you need someone on your side for venue coordination, catering, lodging and entertainment – all for one low fee. Your planner will make sure everyone gels, from musicians to DJs, and will make sure your tours, luaus, group dinners and more go off without a hitch.

Where to Hold It

This will take some research. It all depends on what you’re looking to spend, what kind of experience you want and whether the resort you want caters to large group reunions. Some specialize in reunions, so you want to target those. Travel + Leisure recommends Waimea Plantation Cottages in Kauai where kids stay free. This beautiful coconut grove features nearly 50 former plantation workers’ cottages with space for up to five bedrooms depending on your requirements. There’s even a six-bedroom house with an in-law or teens-only one-room attachment. Another suggestion is Kona Village Resort which offers an all-inclusive package where all food and drink are included in one per-person price. You’ll stay amid a backdrop of a Polynesian fishing village featuring 125 thatched-roof cottages on 85 acres. Staff members specialize in reunions, taking care of all the details. They’ll give your group its own cluster of huts and scheduling coordinator, throw private tropical-punch parties for you and host luau nights.

Oahu’s famed North Shore is the site of Turtle Bay, a staple of the area home to family vacations, weddings and reunions. Multi-million-dollar renovations began in 2011, so now you have a sleek, modern resort area to host your family escape with expansive surroundings, great views and a truly authentic Hawaiian experience.

While you’re in Oahu, contact Hoku Hawaii Tours for advice on which tours to book for your group!