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Environmentally Friendly Ways to Experience Hawaii


In such a beautiful, natural locale, it stands to reason that exploring Hawaii should be done in an environmentally responsible way. With more than eight million people visiting the islands every single year, more must be done to preserve the pristine landscape inherent here. Traffic alone certainly takes a toll on the environment, so take these eco-friendly tips to reduce your carbon footprint on Hawaii.

Rent a Hybrid

Renting a standard car can be very expensive in terms of gas and the rental fee, to be sure, but you also have to think of the emissions. Yes, rental cars are certainly convenient because you don’t have to wait around for taxis or buses. However, the environmental impact of so many cars is a detriment to such a beautiful state just like anywhere else. If you must rent a car, go with a hybrid vehicle.


Luckily, the public transportation system in Hawaii is great. As one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to explore Hawaii, consider this option when looking to get some shopping done or get from one beach to the other. In Honolulu, it only costs $2.50 one way for adults, and kids under five are always free. If you’ll be here awhile, pick up an unlimited monthly pass for just $60. The disadvantage people have with buses, of course, is that while they make a lot of stops, they can’t go everywhere. You’re somewhat limited in how far the bus will take you, but for most routine, popular, touristy stops, you can’t go wrong with buses.


This form of transportation can get pretty pricey, especially if you rely on taxis to take you everywhere while here. On the plus side, they are available 24 hours a day and they’ll go wherever you want them to go. There’s no worrying about finding a parking space and there’s no waiting around like with a bus. However, be prepared to open your wallet, as the fares and tips can really add up. Use taxis only once in awhile when you really need to, in order to remain environmentally feasible.


No matter where you’re staying in Hawaii, you can find a bicycle rental service pretty much anywhere. This is the most eco-friendly way to explore Hawaii. It’s cheap (average rental is just $15/half day and $25 for 24 hours), plus you get a helmet, pouch, rear rack, bungee cords for storage, map, lock and water bottle holder all included in the rental price. For safety’s sake and environmentally safe travel options, the use of a bike ranks high on the list. Of course, this won’t always work for long distances, so you’ll want a backup transportation option at the ready when you need to travel from one end of an island to the other.

Other Transportation Options

Many hotels offer shuttle services for their guests to and from the popular tourist areas. They are often free, included in the hotel stay. Trolley services are also available, but with limited service areas. Tour buses and motor coaches are also an eco-friendly way to explore Hawaii. In fact, why not jump on an Oahu Eco-Adventure tour with Hoku Hawaii Tours?