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Destination Weddings in Hawaii

With wedding season in full swing in the States, many couples are opting for destination weddings rather than tying the knot in their own home-town. Why not? You can combine a ceremony, reception and honeymoon all in one spot, and you can do everything your way. You don’t have to worry about inviting Great Aunt Marge, those weird cousins you never liked or your catty colleagues. With the guest list on the smaller side and a romantic spot on the beach to say “I do,” you can’t go wrong with a destination wedding in Hawaii!

Reasons to Wed in Hawaii

Did you know that more than two million couples in America get married every year, with 25 percent of them having destination ceremonies? That’s according to Huffington Post, who also says that a destination wedding is technically defined as a venue that’s located more than 100 miles from the bride’s current place of residence. Why be like everybody else in your town and do the same old thing? Heading to Hawaii is a refreshing escape from the norm. Plus, you can stay on an extra couple weeks for your honeymoon!

Personalized Help

When you opt for a destination wedding, you get professional assistance from the wedding coordinator at your venue. These wedding planners are there to help you every step of the way to create an unforgettable wedding at their resort. Whether for 10 or 150 people, your wedding planner can provide you with customized packages to choose from. He or she can also coordinate the décor, catering, music and anything else that will help your day go smoothly.

Beautiful Backdrops

When getting hitched on the beach at sunset, for example, you don’t even have to worry about the venue or décor because the backdrop is stunning in and of itself. Just a few blooms, ribbons and other accents will do nicely, along with enough chairs to seat your guests. The rest you can leave up to the scenery.

Combining a Wedding and Vacation

Your guests will have an excuse to pair a much-needed vacation with seeing you and your spouse-to-be get hitched. Many resorts offer discounted room rates for groups, which is an even better bonus!

Quality Time

Now that you’ve gathered your most cherished friends and family members in one place, you finally get the time to reminisce and celebrate. Your typical wedding gives you only a few hours to hurriedly say hello to each guest, all while taking photos and engaging in traditional acts like cake cutting. With a destination wedding, you likely have less guests to worry about, which means you have more time to spend with each one. Plus, your guests are probably there with you for at least a few days to celebrate your union, giving you lots of opportunities (think brunch, excursions, dinners) to catch up. If you need help planning a tour with your group, let Hoku Hawaii Tours handle all the details so you can kick back and relax with your loved ones.