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Unique Nuptials: Have a Destination Wedding in Hawaii

Summer is traditionally wedding season in many states, and Hawaii is no different. Although, let’s be honest: any month is a great month to get married in Hawaii! If a traditional church and stuffy reception hall wedding is not in the cards for you, why not try something different and have a destination wedding in Hawaii? When you get married on the beach at sunset, for example, you can combine all aspects of your wedding in one: the ceremony, reception and honeymoon. And, with a smaller guest list, you can invite who you really want to witness your union!

Why Get Married in Hawaii?

There are many reasons to tie the knot here. In fact, 25 percent of the two million couples in America who get hitched every year decide to have a destination ceremony, according to Huffington Post. The very definition of a destination wedding is a venue located more than 100 miles from the bride’s current place of residence. Get a refreshing escape from it all by holding your wedding in Hawaii, then just stay and have your honeymoon here too. You may even get a discount on your resort if you have your wedding and honeymoon in the same place.

You Can’t Beat the Scenery

Whether on horseback along the beach, perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or nestled under the arch of a majestic waterfall, you can’t get better than the rich backdrops of the Hawaiian landscape. You can’t get this kind of venue or décor in your home town, so why not have your wedding against a stunning backdrop that works all on its own. Sure, you can add in a few ribbons, flowers and décor, but you won’t need too much because the scenery speaks for itself.

Someone to Hold Your Hand

Venues as part of a destination wedding typically include professional assistance from a qualified wedding coordinator. Don’t turn this help down. Chances are you’re planning the wedding remotely and will need all the help and advice you can get. Your wedding planners can help you select from customized packages that include everything from décor and catering to music and linens.

Time to Spend with Guests

Most people you invite won’t be able to make the trip to Hawaii because they either can’t afford it or can’t take the time off work. The people who DO come are your closest friends and family who wouldn’t miss it for the world! Gathering your most cherished friends and family members in one place means you have more time to reminisce and celebrate. If you were to have a traditional wedding with 200 guests, how many of them would you even get to say hello to, let alone chat with for any length of time? And because you can’t expect the guests who make the trek to stay just for the day of the wedding, you get at least a few days to catch up, whether through brunch, tours, shows or dinners together. Look into group discounts to save some cash for everyone involved.

Thinking of a destination wedding and want to know the best way to entertain your guests while here? Let Hoku Hawaii Tours handle all the details so you can concentrate on spending time with your new spouse and loved ones.