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Booking a Group Tour in Hawaii: 6 Tips


Headed to Hawaii?

With a clan of friends and family? You may think it’s tough to schedule such a tour with a bunch of people but the truth is you may have an easier time booking tours and excursions when you can take advantage of group discounts. Here are six tips to choosing a group tour in Hawaii:

1. Put one person in charge of the group bookings. This person will be responsible for all communications within the group to streamline the process and keep it organized. You need one person to whom all communications and questions to the tour company will be relayed. Anyone who has suggestions, comments or feedback can deal with this one group tour “boss” for the easiest transitions. This person makes sure everyone pays up, meets deadlines and has agreed to any dates in question.
2. Consider which type of tour would best match the interests of most people in your group. You can’t please all people all the time, right? But, with the right planning, you can select a tour that has mass appeal. Come up with a list of three options, present them to your friends, and take a poll. Go with the one that most people like. Period.
3. Break out the cost. Before you can give your group members an idea of cost, you have to break it down. That means you have to not only consider the face value of the tour but you have to call to get the group tour price. This is often much lower than the price in the brochure. And generally, the more people in your party, the better individual deal.
4. Combine deals. If you have a group of people who are also senior citizens, for example, you can often bundle your deals to take advantage of both benefits. Same goes for students, military members and the like.
5. Check the fine print. Even when you’re looking at three different tour operators going to the same places but they all differ in cost, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the best experience paying the lowest price. That lowest priced tour may not include entry fees or it might not include lunch (which can cost quite a bit when you have to pay that on your own vs. bundled within a tour).
6. Book a tour in advance. You can’t expect to show up on any given day and book a tour for 20 people. To ensure a spot with a tour operator who can easily accommodate you, it’s imperative to book your group tour as far in advance as possible.

Hoku Hawaii Tours is happy to accommodate your group for any one of our Oahu tours, from Pearl Harbor to Circle Island. Call us today to see what we can do for you!