7 Tips to Plan a Cheap Getaway to Hawaii


If you’ve been trying to plan an affordable Hawaiian vacation but you’re running out of money, we have some suggestions on how to keep more money in your pocket. No need to stay home. Improvise and get creative! Check out these seven tips. 1. Purchase your airfare at the last minute. This could backfire, but…

4 Best Things to do on Spring Break in Oahu

spring break oahu

You could go anywhere for Spring Break. The fact that you chose Hawaii is a testament to how much you appreciate the natural beauty here as well as the potential for fun. Aside from laying on the beach by day and hitting the clubs by night, there’s plenty to do here to stay active and…

Hidden Gems Abound in Hawaii

hidden gems of Hawaii

Perhaps you’re a seasoned vet when it comes to Hawaii travel. When people ask you if you’ve been somewhere and you always say “been there done that,” you could use a refresher course in little-known Hawaiian attractions. Sure, the tours and beaches are fun – you probably love doing those every time you come –…

Big Island Attractions in Three Days

Big Island Attractions

Don’t have a lot of time on the Big Island? That’s OK, we’ve narrowed down the list of must-see’s for you. This is the largest of all the Hawaiian islands, which means there’s lots to see and do here. However, a short trip can be done, so let’s get going on the itinerary. K?lauea Iki…

10 Activities that are FREE in Hawaii

Free Activities In Hawaii

There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg to get yourself to Hawaii. You can visit any island here and find a bunch of free things to do to save some cash. That way, you have more money to spend on the things that really matter, like dining out or taking a tour….

Scuba Diving at Shark’s Cove

Scuba Diving Sharks Cove

If sharks are your thing, you’ve gotta get to Shark’s Cove on the North Shore of Oahu. This also happens to be the part of Oahu that’s famous for its world-class surfing. Another thing it’s known for? Scuba diving. In fact, Shark’s Cove is rated one of the “Top Twelve Shore Dives in the World”…

Drive the Red Road on Big Island

Drive Red Road on Big Island

What’s the Red Road, you ask? This amazing roadway is located in Puna on the Big Island, giving you an opportunity to see all the beautiful things Hawaii has to offer while enjoying the ride. It’s not just the destination: it’s the journey to get there that makes the Red Road, also known as Kapoho-Kalapana…

What not to do When Scuba Diving

When Scuba Diving

If you’re headed to do some world-renowned scuba diving at Waikiki Beach, you should know what you’re doing before you get there. While there are many rules that go with scuba diving, we’re going to cover the “don’ts” here so you know the inside scoop. Don’t hire a dive organization that’s not certified with emergency…

What Not to Miss in Honolulu


Not everyone’s idea of the perfect vacation will apply across the board, but when you visit Honolulu, pretty much anywhere you go, you’ll be in heaven. Whether you love to relax poolside with an umbrella drink in your hand or prefer to take in the many natural wonders around the island, Oahu is the ideal…

Why Maui for my Vacation?

Maui Vacation

When considering where to go in Hawaii for your next vacation, you have many options available to you. But why choose Maui over all the others? There are many reasons. As the second largest of the main islands, Maui boasts about 120,000 people as of last count and spans 727 square miles. Known as the…