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Best Places to Live in Hawaii for Young Families


Hawaii is a Major Attraction

Not just for visitors and tourists, but for those who are looking to settle down here. There are many spots in Hawaii that are ideal for families – and it’s not just about the weather! NerdWallet recently did a survey analyzing cities and towns across Hawaii to find out where the best places are for young families to live.

Things they took into consideration included:

• Quality of public schools
• Affordability
• Growth and prosperity

The results revealed the top 10 cities and towns in Hawaii that are considered ideal for up-and-coming families. Let’s check out what they are and why they were chosen.

1. Mililani Town

Mililani Town outside Honolulu is a hub of the region’s commercial development, featuring superior schools such as Mililani High which boasts excellent faculty and staff. In fact, National History Day named Cynthia Tong, a high school history instructor, Teacher of the Year.

2. Laie

Home to a thriving LDS community, Laie is where the Brigham Young campus is located. This community places a big importance on education for youth as well as higher education. Laie Elementary, for example, has an Every Day Math program that regularly assesses the progress of its students and makes sure their needs are being met.

3. Kailua

Many centuries ago, Kailua was the favored destination of kings thanks to its beautiful year-round climate and ideal location on the ocean. The reasons why families flock here today remain largely the same, in addition to a thriving arts community that supports everything from symphony and orchestra to galleries and workshops.

4. Ewa Villages

Honored by the Honolulu Civil Beat for its vast improvements in its education system, Ewa Villages has seen a rise in the number of people over 25 with high school diplomas by 30 percent, to include more than 86 percent of the population.

5. Ewa by Gentry

The Ewa District of Honolulu is a master planned community that offers scholarships for high school seniors to be able to afford their educations.

6. Pearl City

Pearl City west of Honolulu has much to offer in the way of helping younger families stay educated. Momilani Elementary, for example, has been recognized by the state and nation through its Blue Ribbon Award three times.

7. Wailuku

In Maui, Wailuku is a residential community that boasts excellent hiking and other recreational activities to enjoy the outdoors, such as the local baseball team, Na Koa Ikaika Maui.

8. Ewa Beach

Ewa Beach is a tiny coastal town that’s big on commitment to community. For example, the Ewa Beach Community Fund supports area organizations with grants to help the elderly and boost the quality of after-school programs for children.

9. Kapaa

Kapaa in Kauai flourishes in the tourism industry, leading the state in economic stabilization efforts for young families.

10. Haiku

This small town in Maui gets high marks for its education, with Haiku Elementary honored by the state for excellence in language arts and math.

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