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Best Places for Sweets on Oahu


Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy it at one of many Oahu sweet shops offering up anything from scrumptious cupcakes to decadent chocolate. After dinner at one of the island’s amazing restaurants, top off your meal with a sweet treat at one of these places.

Let Them Eat Cupcakes:

Located at 1153 Bethel Street in Honolulu, this isn’t your average cupcake shop. This specialty shop, owned by partners Kawehi Haug and Nick Gervais, offers much more than your traditional confections. The butterfat-rich taste will keep you coming back again and again, if not the perfectly whipped frosting and specialty flavors. Have you ever tried a pumpkin or lemon cupcake? Well, you can now. This is the place for indulging in your sweet tooth fantasies in a modern, sleek atmosphere sure to delight.

Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha, Aina Haina Shopping Center:

If shave ice is your thing, check this place out. They affectionately call the owner “Uncle” Clay Chang, a personable, friendly guy who trains his servers well. Each cup of ice is finely shaved for an all-natural, light taste with a hint of sweetness. Using gourmet syrups, you have a wide variety to choose from, all prepared by hand. Whether you try the Kona coffee syrup or kale, you can’t go wrong. They also serve up ice cream and fresh fruit here as toppings. Say aloha to Uncle Clay if you see him!

Fendu Boulangerie, Manoa Marketplace:

This European-style bakery has top-quality pastries that can’t be denied. Crisp and flaky, everything is top-notch, from the fresh bread to the notable Zucoto (single flourless chocolate cake filled with layers of tapioca-like filling made of bananas, brown sugar and rum, along with chocolate jelly and praline buttercream mousse). Aren’t you hungry now? Indulge in some homemade ganache created from chocolate imported from France. Drop in on the owner, chef and baker Niel Koep, to sample some of the area’s best sandwiches, breakfast items and even gourmet pizzas.

Patisserie La Palme D’Or, Ala Moana Center:

A visit to this charming sweet shop is in order, if only for its famous brownie, which is a lightly sweetened cakelike chocolate featuring hints of milk chocolate and hazelnut – for just $2. These Japanese-trained chefs make their concoctions with just a hint of sweetness – you won’t find anything too cloyingly sweet, which is a good thing. Other must-try’s include panna cotta with fruit jelly and fresh fruit, or the cake roll. Enjoy your sweets, such as buttery croissants, with a coffee or tea jelly drink.

Ted’s Bakery, Kamehameha Highway:

An island favorite through and through, Ted’s Bakery is home of the Chocolate Haupia Pie featuring a flaky crust and creamy topping, which you can enjoy at an outdoor table.

Now that you’re sufficiently hungry for sweets, get out there and stop in at one of the above places. Better yet, start off with a tour from Hoku Hawaii Tours and top off your day with a dessert run!

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