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Best Hikes on Oahu

Few places on Earth hold such stunning views as Oahu does. That’s why so many people choose to hike its mountains and volcanoes, through lush greenery and past majestic waterfalls to get panoramic views of the island. You don’t have to be an avid hiker to enjoy hikes on Oahu; in fact, you don’t even have to be particularly in shape. All you need is a will to check out some of the most beautiful sights Hawaii has to offer. Here are some of the best hiking spots on Oahu.

Leahi, aka Diamond Head:

Located just beyond Waikiki, this famous Hawaiian landmark is a must-hike. It’s a crater more than 750 feet tall, named Diamond Head by British sailors in the 19th century who thought the crater looked like it was sprinkled with diamonds. Amazingly, it was formed about 100,000 years ago, named a national landmark back in 1968. You’ll get amazing views of all of Waikiki and the south shore of Oahu.

Makapuu Lighthouse Trail:
With stunning Pacific Ocean views, you can hike to the island of Kaena Point for a lava shoreline that’s lush with rainforests and bamboo trees. You’ll end at Manoa Falls for a majestic treat of nature. This lighthouse was created in 1909 and sits perched over a 600 foot cliff to this day. You’ll be able to check out Makapuu Beach in all its glory – a perfect place for body surfing. Sea Life Park is also viewable from here. This is a paved, two-mile hike that’s fairly easy for any skill level.

Aiea Loop Trail: This challenging trail is located in Central Oahu, giving you amazing views of Halawa Valley and the Koolau Mountains that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Waimea Valley: Take an educational hike with the family throughout Waimea Valley to check out native and exotic plants, indigenous birds, crystal clear streams and of course Waimea Waterfall.

Hawaii Nature Center: Situated in Honolulu, the beautiful Makiki is a tropical forest hike that you will love thanks to the abundant tropical flora life here. This one’s for moderate hikers.

Tips for Hiking:

It’s important to be prepared before going on a hike. Of course, what you bring will depend on how challenging or long the hike is, but overall, you’ll want to bring:

• Hiking shoes with tread
• Shorts or light pants with shirt and rain jacket
• Backpack
• Water
• Phone
• Bug spray
• Sweatshirt
• First aid kit
• Flashlight
• Compass
• Map

Safety Tips:

• Never hike alone; if you do, tell someone where you’ll be
• Avoid drinking water from streams and ponds
• Don’t venture off the main trail
• Bring extra water in case your hike runs long

Hiking on Oahu is a great way to spend the day. Seek out an organized tour from Hoku Hawaii Tours and see what we have to offer. Our guided tours will show you the natural beauty of the island led by experts who know their way around.