About Us

We are a new division of Roberts Hawaii. Hoku is a new luxury mini-bus tour line providing guests with unique, exclusive tours of the “true” Hawai‘i with an exceptional level of amenities and service. Roberts Hawaii provides quality transportation, tours & entertainment in a safe and service-focused manner delivered by employees who perpetuate the unique culture of Hawaii.

Our Navigators are profoundly knowledgeable of Hawaii’s ancient culture, rich history and mythology. They are experts of the island and provide quality service with excellence. Let our Navigators entertain you on your journey of Oahu. All our Hoku staff are trained with service in excellence. They provide quality customer service and are knowledgeable with the products and unique Hawaiian culture. If you need any help deciding the best tour for your needs, give our friendly staff a call so they can better assist you.

Hawaii Ecotourism Association

We at Hoku Hawaii Tours, support the Hawaii Ecotourism Association’s principles of sustainable tourism, which addresses operating principles in the following content areas:

  • Environmental Management
  • Staff Management
  • Interpretation Management
  • Consumer Evaluation Management
  • Marketing Management