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7 Tips to Plan a Cheap Getaway to Hawaii


If you’ve been trying to plan an affordable Hawaiian vacation but you’re running out of money, we have some suggestions on how to keep more money in your pocket. No need to stay home. Improvise and get creative! Check out these seven tips.

1. Purchase your airfare at the last minute. This could backfire, but more often than not, airlines are trying to fill those empty seats and will do pretty much anything to achieve that. An empty seat brings in no money! When an airline has sold half the seats on their flight a few days before take-off, they may start offering big discounts to anyone who needs to snag them. If you can’t take that kind of pressure, book well in advance to take advantage of price discounts on the other end.

2. Bundle everything. If you can save money by bundling your phone, TV and Internet service, you can do the same with travel. Check out package deals that include everything from airfare and hotel to accommodations and rental car. Also, bundle other aspects as well, such as all-inclusive hotels, tours, spa packages, golf packages, and airport and baggage transfers. This way, you can leave your wallet in your purse instead of taking it out for everything.

3. Book weekly car rentals instead of daily. Say you’re visiting Oahu for three or four days. In your mind, it may make sense to take a daily rate on a car you don’t need for very long because you’re heading to the Big Island soon. However, those daily rates can be killers, so ask the car rental company if they honor multi-island bookings to save $$$.

4. Utilize public transportation. For example, TheBus system in Oahu only costs $2.50 each way. Taxis will cost you the most, but you can always rent a bike for an eco-friendly way to explore the island.

5. Get a hotel that offers complementary breakfast. With free continental or full-service breakfast, you can fill up on eggs, waffles, bacon, cereal, muffins, coffee and juice. Skip lunch or just have snacks, and then go out to dinner at night.

6. Ask for discounts at the hotel. There are always good rates for seniors, students and families, or even through AAA or AARP. Book early to save the most money. Wait too long and you risk seeing a No Vacancy sign.

7. Book a hotel or condo featuring a kitchenette. This way, you don’t have to eat out for every meal. If you have a refrigerator, microwave and stove, you can make one or more meals a day and heat up leftovers. You can hit the local grocery store, stock up on deli meat for sandwiches, eggs for mornings, plus soda and water. Prepare your sandwiches in the morning and pack a bag for the beach or a day of sightseeing.

As you can see, planning an affordable Hawaiian vacation can be done with a little foresight and inquiries. This way, you’ll have money left over to take a Pearl Harbor Tour from Hoku Hawaii Tours.

Also make time to see the Dole Plantation for pineapple and other delicious homemade treats!